Cool and heat your home with Factory Direct Home Air. Reverse cycle air conditioners are the ultimate in home comfort. With both heating and cooling functions, ducted air conditioners allow every room in a home to be temperature controlled via the main unit.

Motorised zones can be used to shut off sections as required, thus reducing energy consumption. We have domestic ducted reverse cycle air conditioning units available in an array of sizes in Adelaide, ranging from 7.1kW single phase up to 36kW three phase.

With many years experience in the air conditioning Adelaide industry, we can help you make the right choice for your home.

How ducted reverse cycle air conditioners work

Air is drawn up through a return grille that is centrally located in the house, and the same air is then supplied through vents located in the extremities of the rooms. This supply air is usually about 10 degrees cooler or warmer than the air sucked into the system.

Our experienced consultants in Adelaide, will perform a “heat load’ calculation on your home to determine your conditioning requirements. By using zoning to switch off areas of your home that aren’t being used at a particular point in time, we can use a smaller unit than would be required to heat or cool the whole house. The living areas (lounge, kitchen, family room, etc.) generally account for about two-thirds of the typical heat load requirement of a house.

At Factory Direct Home Air Conditioning in Adelaide, we are proud to supply Samsung ducted reverse cycle air conditioners. In addition to being a trustworthy brand, Samsung air conditioners are also efficient, reliable, affordable, and come with exceptional warranty.

Key Benefits

-Usable all seasons

-Air conditioned comfort throughout the whole house

-Minimal visual impact

-Centralized control

-Most efficient form of heating

-The most desirable form of air conditioning – will add value to your home

-Minimal noise

Ducted air conditioning


Although ducted aircons are more expensive initially than other systems such as split system air conditioners, these are more efficient at cooling larger areas.

Description Outlets Price from*
7kw Fully Installed 4 outlets and 4 zones $6,400.00
8.5kw Fully Installed 4 outlets and 4 zones $7,150.00
10kw Fully Installed 6 outlets and 4 zones $7,950.00
12.5kw Fully Installed 6 outlets and 4 zones $8,490.00
14kw Fully Installed 6 outlets and 4 zones $9,250.00
16kw Fully Installed 6 outlets and 4 zones $10,390.00

* Subject to site inspection.

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioners need to be designed to suit individual requirements. Therefore, you need a fully qualified designer to ensure that you get a system that meets all your requirements without overspending. Our consultants in Adelaide, are available to design the perfect system to meet your needs and budget – and best of all there is no obligation and it’s FREE!!!

Choose Factory Direct Home Air Conditioning

We are a dynamic company in Adelaide that is dedicated to providing our customers with quality ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems at reasonable prices. Our staff are not only qualified and licensed, but also experienced and insured. Furthermore, because we buy our products in bulk, we are able to pass on the savings that we make to our customers. We are very good at what we do, and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers very good products at good prices.

Would you like a guaranteed comfortable temperature in your home all year round, even in extreme conditions? Contact us today. A Ducted air conditioner needs to be specifically designed to suit individual requirements. You will need a fully qualified designer to ensure that you get a system that suits your needs. We design ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems to meet the specific requirements and budget of our clients in Adelaide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A.    The reason we use zoning is to save on electricity consumption. Bigger machines mean higher running costs and higher electricity bills.

A.    Evaporative air conditioners do not work during high humidity, as the temperature of the air coming out of an evaporative system is related to the temperature of the air outside. Ducted reverse cycle systems recirculate the cooler air within the home so they can guarantee lower temperatures.

A.    Because they do little to improve the effectiveness of the system. With passages, the flow of air from the serviced rooms are enough to provide heating and cooling to those areas. The reason they are often included on quotes is to up-sell and add to the price (and the salesperson’s commission).

A.    To prevent damage to older style homes, we need to take that extra bit of care, and therefore, there is a small extra cost involved.

A.    Certainly – just fax or email your plan to us, and we will give you a price.

A.    A lot of builders who offer air conditioning add their mark-up to the price. Therefore, by dealing directly with us, you will save money. Also, we are able to tailor a system to suit your exact requirements – not use a pre-designed system to suit the plan.

A.    Provided allowances have been made in the design of the home, there is only a small extra cost. It is typically 10-20 percent more for a two-storey home.

A.    We can design a system that allows for future expansion at a later date, giving you the benefits of air conditioning straight away.

A.    The figure quoted is the output capacity of a unit – reverse cycle systems are very efficient, therefore a 12.5kW machine would only use around 5kW.

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