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Best Prices on Home Air Conditioning in Adelaide

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Founded by Brian Jackson, who has had extensive experience in the industry for more than 30 years, Factory Direct Home Air Conditioning Adelaide is an experienced company that is dedicated to providing customers with quality reverse cycle air conditioning at a reasonable price.

Our aim is to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction. We value quality workmanship and attention to detail, and we only use experienced tradesmen who adhere to our values.

As a small company, we have much lower overheads, which means we can transfer those savings to you – our customers. As we purchase our reverse cycle air conditioners in bulk, and store them in our two warehouses, we are able to pass on those savings to our customers.

In other words, when you purchase products from us, you get a brand new, quality air conditioner installed in your home. Along with the professional service and a great price tag!


air conditioning Adelaide

Outstanding Air Conditioning Installation Services

In line with our company’s aim to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction, we pride ourselves on our level of before and after sales service. Our skilled consultants are on hand to provide you with expert, independent advice and guidance, as well as engineer a system that will suit your needs perfectly. We provide a world class air conditioning Adelaide service that is professional, fast and reliable.

The Best Air Conditioning Adelaide Prices

By keeping our overheads low and carefully calculating your exact requirements, we can save you money. Not only on the initial purchase price, but also on running costs in the future. And because we buy our air conditioners in bulk, we can also pass on those savings to you.

Fujitsu Air Conditioning

Factory Direct Home Air Conditioning is proud to sell and install Fujitsu air conditioning solutions as they are high quality, energy efficient and reliable products. After many years working in this industry we believe Fujitsu’s air conditioners are the ultimate in comfort. Fujitsu are renowned for their great price, outstanding reliability, and the exceptional warranty that the products come with. We install Fujitsu split system, ducted air conditioners and replacement units, if you would like to see more about our product range head over to our reverse cycle air conditioning Adelaide page.

Superior Quality and Workmanship

Our team of qualified and experienced tradespersons will complete all installations and repairs to the highest standard. By using quality materials, we also ensure that you will enjoy the benefits of your air conditioning system for years to come.

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