When summer and winter arrive in Australia so does an increase in our energy bills. With the increase in electricity costs, running your air conditioning frequently during these months can be pricey. By following some of these simple tips you can help reduce your running costs during these busy months.

Set your air conditioner to the right temperature

Running your air conditioner too cold in summer or warm in winter significantly increases your energy bills along with wear and tear of the air conditioner’s motor.  Our recommendation is to set the temperature to the ideal range of 24 – 26 in summer and 19 -21 degrees in winter. In summer every degree cooler than this recommended range adds approximately 10% to the running costs and in winter every degree over adds 10%. The less the compressor has to work, the lower your energy bills will be!

Keep your aircon’s filters clean

It’s essential to keep the filters clean as dirt and dust clogs the filters and reduces the aircon’s performance.  Dirty filters means the unit has to work harder to keep your home at the right temperature, resulting in higher energy bills. This is a simple job that that will keep your airconditioner running efficiently. Take a look at air conditioning maintenance for more information on changing filters. Always follow the manufacturers recommendations when completing any maintenance on your aircon.

Use the features on your unit to reduce energy output

Most reverse cycle units have features to help heat and cool your home more efficiently such as timers, human sensors and zoning. Switching off unused zones with your ducted unit will lower your energy consumption. Set your timer to start the aircon before the outside temperature reaches its peak. For example turning it on during the hottest park of the day will increase your energy usage as the unit needs to work harder to cool your home.

There are also clever features such as human sensor, where the air conditioner will switch over to energy saving mode when no movement has been detected for 20 minutes. As you can see there are many intelligent features on your air conditioner that can help reduce your running costs significantly.

Make smart choices in your home

Reducing your heating and cooling costs is not only about your aircon, making smart choices around your home will also help reduce your air conditioners workload and save you money.

  • To get the most efficient heating and cooling with reverse cycle air conditioners, be sure to keep your doors and windows closed during the day. With evaporative coolers ensure that there is adequate ventilation to allow the air to flow throughout the house.  Opening windows and doors allows these systems to operate more effectively.
  • Make use of natural heating and cooling.  During winter open up curtains to let the sun do it’s bit towards heating your house and close them at night to help keep the warmth in.  In summer keep the curtains drawn during times of direct sunlight and open windows at night if the temperature outside is cooler to allow the cooling breeze to keep the house cool at night.
  • Ensure that the house is adequately insulated, if the old insulation has flattened out it is not much use at all and should be replaced.
  • Invest in curtains for large windows or even roller blinds or shutters to keep direct sunlight off them.
  • Turn off unused appliances as these consume power and also increase the heat load, which in turn will make your air conditioner work harder.
  • The simple use of ceiling or portable fans is effective also and will help spread the cool or warm air more efficiently and faster throughout your home.

Change Over your old unit

Running an old ducted unit can be a drain on your energy bills. Quite simply these older units have to work harder to heat and cool your home and are built using older technology that is less efficient. New air conditioning technology is far more efficient and by replacing your existing ducted system with a new high efficiency inverter you will reduce your running costs. Find out more about ducted air conditioning replacement units.

Planning to build

Intelligent house design is essential, when planning to build keep in mind energy efficient requirements.  Large glass windows add significantly to the heat load and will require more air conditioning power, curtains are a must.  For roofing remember that plain silvery galvanized iron is more likely to reflect the heat than dark colorbond which absorbs heat.  If you have a roofspace, consider installing ventilation such as a spinner to reduce heat buildup in the roofspace.  If space permits, larger eaves or a veranda will reduce heat loads by stopping direct sunlight.  The more energy efficient your house is, the lower the energy requirements will be to keep the house at a comfortable temperature and the lower your energy bills will be.

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