Tips to Help Your Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Unit Perform At Its Best

14 December, 2021

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Tips to help your reverse cycle air conditioning unit perform at its best

It’s important to regularly maintain your air conditioning unit and we suggest you discuss the necessary requirements with your air conditioner supplier.

Before you complete any of the tips below make sure you switch OFF your air conditioner before opening the cover to prevent personal injury or damage to the unit. It’s also helpful to read how to reduce air conditioning running costs.

Clean the filters of the indoor unit

Dirty filters can diminish the performance of air conditioners as they cause the unit to work harder and possibly overheat.  Research from Canstar Blue has shown that 41% of respondents have never cleaned the filters on their air conditioning unit. Not cleaning your air conditioner’s filters will increase your energy bills. A poorly maintained system needs to work much harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Dust accumulates on the filter, clogging the unit and reducing the airflow, therefore diminishing the air conditioner’s performance.

* Before cleaning the filters switch the unit off completely.

Wall Spilt System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

With split system air conditioners lift the front cover and remove the filters.  Pay careful attention to how the filters are arranged, as some models may have additional deodorising filters and air purification filters.  Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to the correct method of cleaning filters.  In most cases a gentle vacuum of the filters is required first to get most of the dust out.  Some filters can and some can’t be washed under a tap so please consult your manual.  If you use water be sure to dry the filters completely before putting them back in the unit.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

With ducted air conditioning locate the return air grilles, which are usually located in a central location in your house.  Undo the screws holding the grilles and carefully remove the filter pad.  Again check with the instructions on the correct method of cleaning the pads and if you do use water, remember to thoroughly dry the pad before putting it back.

It’s important to remember that you should never use a vacuum cleaner to clean your aircon filters.

Keep the outdoor unit free from debris and obstructions

Just like the indoor unit, if there is build up on the outdoor unit the airflow can be restricted. This in turn causes the compressor to work harder and will increase your energy usage and electricity bills. Ensure plants such as creepers are not allowed to penetrate the unit as this can cause damage. There must be at least 10cm space clear all around the unit and approximately 100cm clear in front of the fan.

Don’t set the temperature too low

During the hotter months, setting the coldest temperature does not cool your home faster and in fact can place added pressure on your system. With Fujitsu reverse cycle air conditioners it is recommended to set the temperature above 23 degrees Celsius, as this will minimise energy consumption.

If your unit is still under warranty you need to be aware that warranties only cover manufacturing and design defects or faulty workmanship. So if your warranty service is due to poor maintenance then you may be charged for the service call.

Save money by replacing your old unit

If you are running an old unit your energy bills can be significantly higher and you may also face costly repair bills. Replacing your existing ducted air conditioning system with a new Fujitsu high efficiency inverter will reduce your energy bills and will save you lots of money every year. Check out Ducted Air Conditioning Replacement Units for more information.

For further information on maintaining your reverse cycle air conditioning system free to call us on 08 8345 0470.