Planning Considerations

Planning Considerations


Regulations are in force to limit the permissible noise made by air conditioning units.  This ensures the comfort of not only yourselves but also your neighbours.  Consideration of these factors must be taken into account which may affect placement and type of unit installed.

Council Regulations / Strata Regulations

When installing an air conditioner you should first check with your local council to determine the regulations that apply to air conditioners and .  If you live in a unit you should also check with the strata management what requirements need to be met such as location of the outdoor unit, drainage, aesthetics (visual impact) and the location of components.  In some cases you may need to obtain approval prior to having air-conditioning installed.  We can prepare specifications to assist you in obtaining planning approval.


Before installing air-conditioning you must first obtain approval from the landlord or Housing SA.  If you are renting and would like to have air-conditioning installed, please get your landlord to contact us to make the arrangements.

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