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Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Modern air conditioners are designed for years of service but poor maintenance can severely shorten their working life.  Most problems are due to a lack of proper maintenance.

Warranties only cover manufacturing and design defects or faulty workmanship.

If you request a warranty service and the cause of the problem is due to a lack of proper maintenance, there will be a charge to the customer made for the service call.

Before you call for service please do the following.

WARNING – To prevent personal injury or damage to the unit – switch the unit OFF before opening the cover

1. Clean the filters

Dirty filters can degrade performance as well as cause the unit to work harder and possibly overheat.  Before cleaning the filters switch the unit off completely.

For wall splits – lift the front cover up and remove the filters.  Pay careful attention to how the filters are arranged as on some models there will be additional deodorizing filters and air purification filters.  Follow the instructions in the owners manual to the correct method of cleaning filters.  In most cases a gentle vacuum of the filters is required first to get most of the dust out.  Some filters can and some can’t be washed under a tap so please consult your manual.  If you use water be sure to dry the filters completely before putting them back in the unit.

For ducted systems locate the return air grill – usually located in a central location in your house.  Undo the screws holding the grille and carefully remove the filter pad.  Again check with the instructions on the correct method of cleaning the pads and if you do use water, remember to thoroughly dry the pad before putting it back.

Evaporative systems also require the occasional cleaning especially after a dust storm.  This involves getting up onto the roof of your house so extreme caution is advised, if you are not confident this should be left up to a professional.  With the unit switched off, carefully remove the pads and hose them out on the lawn so as not to make a mess and waste water.  You may also need to carefully clean out the inside of the unit if there is a layer of mud or sludge.

2. Check the batteries in remote control

A common failure is a result of expired batteries in remote controllers.  These should be replaced annually with quality alkaline batteries to ensure continued functionality.

3. Clear space around the compressor

Ensure that the compressor – the outside unit, is clear from leaves and other debris.  Also ensure that plants such as creepers are not allowed to penetrate the unit as this can cause damage to the unit.  There must be at least 10cm space clear all around the unit and upto 100cm clear in front of the fan.  If leaf or other plant matter has got into the unit – it is time for a service.

Insufficient cooling?

Ensure that only the zones in use are turned on.  Having unused zones on will reduce the cooling effect in the areas where you need it the most.  It will also add unnecessarily to your power bills and may cause the unit to overheat on a very hot day.

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